Not Sure If a Network Administrator Career Is Right for You? Read This

network administratorsThe IT field is exploding, the percentage of IT workers has grown tremendously from 2% to 15% by 2010. For many Americans, IT will continue to grow in importance as our nation continues its shift from a manufacturing economy to a service economy.

But the IT field’s newness and rapid growth has made it a somewhat opaque field for those not involved in the industry day to day. The result is that many students who enroll in IT programs do so without knowing what they should really expect.

One of the most difficult parts about exploring potential job’s in the IT field is really understanding what those complicated titles mean. We are going to dive deep into one of those careers in order to give students a better idea of the existing jobs that await them after graduation: The Network Administrator.

What does a Network Administer Do?
Depending on the organization, the job can cover a number of difference responsibilities. Among the most common are:

  • Installing and managing network and computer systems
  • Fixing issues with the network systems, as well as its hardware and software
  • Monitoring the health and the efficiency of the network

Skills for the Job
There are two main components to the network administrators job. First, they maintain the technical back end–the software, the network, etc. Second, they provide support for the rest of the people in the organization.

Common Skill that comes in handy are:

  • Analytical Skills and Critical Thinking
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Passion

Of them all, passion is possibly the most important. Technology changes fast and a good network administer should do their best to stay on the cutting edge of it.

Network Administrators are fairly commonly needed in most operations. Any organization that uses more than one computer should have someone who is capable of performing the functions of the job.
Industries that hire the most network administrators are:

  • Technical Services
  • Education
  • Hospitals and Healthcare

The world of IT is exploding, growing, and changing. It is a great place for innovators and explorers to come and take part in the newest frontier, technology.

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