How Hiring Millennials For IT Jobs Will Help Your Buisiness

computer techniciansA popular stereotype for Millennials, or people born between 1980 and the early 2000s, is that they are lazy and unmotivated workers who are a nightmare to hire. But how accurate is that, really? Below are several reasons you should be hiring Millennials for your information technology positions.

Millennials grew up in an environment where everything was changing around them. The boom in technology, alone, was the most substantial we’ve ever seen. Thus, they had learned how to adapt and improve exceedingly quickly. They are not afraid to speak out for better solutions to problems and new ways to innovate things in their business. For computer technicians, where the technology is quite literally changing daily, this is very important.

Contrary to popular belief, Millennial’s are extremely flexible when it comes to accepting lower pay. They, above all, wish to work for a company that shares their values and point of view and, if they find a company like that, are willing to accept less pay to stay with that company. In addition to that, the are much more attentive to keeping a good balance between their personal life and work, meaning they are willing to accept a lesser salary to spend more time with friends and family.
Team Effort

Millennials are one of the most diverse and accepting groups in the current workforce. They are able to work with a wide variety of people to accomplish a certain end goal. They work very well trading ideas and solutions and accepting help from other teammates. This is highly valued for computer technicians, whose jobs at times require a whole group of people.

The most obvious reason to hire Millennials for IT positions is their understanding for all things technology. They practically grew up in a web based learning environment. They know how to quickly adapt to new technologies and in a world where IT work saw a huge growth from 2% to 15% in 2010, alone, this is very much needed. This generation is the computer generation and they have the potential to know everything there is to know about being computer technicians.

It’s quite clear that no one should ever believe everything they hear. Despite the, often false, stereotypes of the Millennial Generation, they have the potential to be some of the most valued and trusted workers in your business. When considering hiring for an IT position, it’s encouraged to keep these things in mind.
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